A Woman Was Forced To Get Out Of The Pool Because Her Bathing Suit Might ‘Excite Teenagers’

Tori Jenkins was forced to go out of the pool because she was too curvy and her swimsuit might ‘excite teen boys’

Jenkins, 20, has garnered the sympathy of many who heard her story after her fiance Tyler Newman posted the whole story and pictures of his ‘humiliated’ girlfriend on Facebook.

Tori Jenkins, who had been swimming in a pool, was then told to pose for pictures in her one-piece to show exactly how ‘inappropriate’ it absolutely was, as she claimed.

According to Jenkins, she had been told by the consultant the swimsuit would ‘excite’ teenage males and accused her of misunderstanding the situation because she didn’t have kids herself.

The consultant then called Jenkins to her workplace and instructed her to look in a large mirror herself, the 20-year-old said so she could see the issue.

Jenkins had been swimming at the pool at the Smoky Cross Apartments with five of her friends and her fiance for three minutes as soon as the leasing consultant stated her ‘thong bathing suit’ was inappropriate because she was in a ‘family environment’

Many on social news expressed their outrage at how Jenkins ended up being treated and motivated her to appreciate her body despite the consultant’s remark.

‘I’d just like to say on my own behalf that I’m really amazed by all of the overwhelming support I’ve received,’ Jenkins stated on her Facebook post, after her post had been shared almost 18,000 times.

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