This Is The Gorgeous Daughter Of Cristina Gonzales-Romualdez

Cristina Gonzales-Romualdez also known as “Kring-Kring” is a prominent actress back in the 90’s. She has become an in-demand leading lady because of her beauty and personality. Now that she is already a mayor of Tacloban City, many people proved that she really has the face and heart of an angel.

Kring-kring starred in films such as “Sana Kahit Minsan”, “Kailangan Kita”, “Bad Boy 1”, “Bad Boy 2” and “Bikining Itim”. Although she enjoyed a life full of glitz and glamour, she decided to leave the showbiz industry and married Leyte Congressman Aldred Romualdez. Since then, it has been clear that her heart is for public service.

After years of being married with the politician, she was then blessed with gorgeous daughters who seemed to inherit her beauty and grace. One of them even became a trending topic on social media because of the attention she gained from the netizens.

Sofia Romualdez captured the hearts of many social media users because of her stunning photos. As some people are saying, she indeed won the lottery of beautiful genes. See some of her pictures here:

In an interview, Cristina opened up Sofia’s interest in entering the showbiz industry.

“It was her choice and she’s excited about it. She told me thought she doesn’t want to be an actress but she wants to focus singing because composes, she has a good voice, and she plays piano, guitar and ukulele. I never learned any of those when I was in showbiz.”

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