Remember These Celebrities Who Died Unexpectedly

They say when death doomed upon you, you are doomed. There is nothing you can do and there is no way you can avoid this predictable event. When it is your time, it is your time and you will never be able to change that. Even the most powerful person in the world cannot avoid death and it seems celebrities are not also excluded in this human phenomena. Death will always be a part of one person’s life.

Here are the list of Filipino celebrities who died too soon. They are the ones who will always be remembered as no one expected their passing.

1. RICO YAN – 27
-Rico was still at the peak of his career when he suddenly passed away. He was reported to have suffered cardiac arrest while sleeping. However, there came rumors that he took his own life. But this rumor was never proven.

2. JULIA VEGA – 16
-Julia’s death was covered with mysteries as people claimed that she suddenly became weak and died. But medical reports said she suffered from extreme fatigue which cause her to contract bronchopneumonia.

3. Tenten Munoz – 19
-This great artist died after fighting a battle against brain cancer. She is know for being a good singer back then.

4. Ramjen Revilla – 23
-Ramjen died in his home when he was reported to have been stabbed multiple times and shot by unknown assailants.

5. Miko Sotto – 21
-Miko died after he lost balance and fell from the ninth floor building of Sna Francisco Plaza Garden Condominium.

6. AJ Perez – 18
-AJ was claimed to have such a good future when he suddenly died in 2011. He was killed after a vehicular accident.

7. Marky Cielo – 20
-Marky was very prominent way back then as he was known for being an Igorot. He died while sleepin in his own house.

8. Tyron Perez – 26
-The Statstruck competitor died after allegedly commiting suicide inside his car.

Who among them are you still familiar with? Share us in the comments section below.

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