A Man Chops His Mom’s Body and Kept it in A Cooler for Years

A 46-year-old man simply cut out his mom’s body after death and stuffed her parts inside an large cooler. He even fixed up the whole ground-floor room, which has two aeration and cooling systems, to construct a tomb for his mother. This meticulous operation occurred at the very heart of a working class Behala neighborhood.

As indicated by official reports, Subhabrata Majumdar went to live with his mom’s body for very nearly three years. It was later uncovered he lived respectively with his 89-year-old father amid his activities. The 46-year-old allegedly utilized “doms” to cut up the bodies and cut out a portion of the parts. Furthermore, to save some of them, he turned to stitching.

Aside from slashing his dead mother’s body, he additionally kept her parts inside a cooler.

Before long, the police got a tip from one of Majumdar’s neighbors and a nearby news channel. Curiously, everything happened three years after they got some answers concerning Partho De’s activities. Like Subhabrata, the 40-year-old man lived with the bodies of his sister and two pet dogs for a half year. The cops captured Subhabrata and scrutinize his father Gopal Chandra who supported him. Clearly, the appropriate responses they got were as jumbling as their questions. As per Subhabrata, he generally trusted that his mom would be breathed life into back. His father, then again, guaranteed that he “just went along” with his son. A forensic team could affirm having found two or three isolated body parts.

Group of therapists has just been sent to direct a psycho-examination of Subhabrata. Cops will likewise examine the cousin, the two “doms”, and the specialist who gave the death certificate.

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