11 Pinay Celebrities Who are Already at the Age of 40 But Still Looks Young and Amazing

Getting older is something that Filipino actors dread because it limits the roles given to them. The artists who were once the top billers of famous movies are now acting as mothers and fathers. Plus, the thought of gaining wrinkles and a slower metabolism can ‘t be called an exciting future. But there are fortunate female celebrities who are like fine wine, becoming more beautiful as time goes by.

1. Ana Roces – The porcelain-like face of actress Ana Roces has mesmerized men all over the country and it seems like she’s more beautiful now.

2. Alice Dixon – Alice is another actress that became one of the most popular leading ladies in Philippine television. Despite being 44 years old now, we hate the fact that she looks better than we do.

3. Dawn Zulueta – One-half of the most beloved love teams in the country is still rocking it. She may be a wife and a mother now but who says that she can’t rival the beauty of new talents?

4. Gretchen Barretto – The ultimate kontrabida’s timeless beauty and sharp features are something we can only dream of having. She still looks like she comes from royal blood!

5. Eula Valdez – Our favorite Amor Powers is still as fierce and beautiful as ever.

6. Agot Isidro – Seeing Agot back in television for “Asintado,” we are surprised to see how tight and toned her body is. It’s as if time and age aren’t in her vocabulary.

7. Angel Aquino – This actress must have taken some sort of magic pill because it’s completely amazing how Angel is still a stunner despite being 47 years old.

8. Lucy Torres – This politician is one of our favorite faces in showbiz because Lucy has managed to maintain that innocent, pure, and extremely enchanting face throughout the years.

9. Carmina Villaroel – This hot mother is seemingly unaffected by time as she stopped aging the moment she became 30. Kidding aside, we’re glad she passed her genes to her two, equally attractive twins.

10. Ruffa Gutierrez – Ruffa will forever be the towering beauty queen who has captured the hearts of many men both in the past and the present.

11. Charlene Gonzales – Mrs. Muhlach appropriately ends our amazing list. We bet that this Binibining Pilipinas Universe title holder can still compete with the new beauty queens. She has grown to become more beautiful and infinitely wiser, the total package.

What do you think of these 11 beautiful and ageless female celebrities? Are you envious of how they are aging so gracefully? Do you want to know their beauty routine? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

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