Woman Caught A Taxi Driver On Cam Molesting Her

In the world where social media is the center of most of our lives, it is not uncommon to see different kinds of experiences being shared on this platform. Some people are very keen on updating their loves ones of what is happening to them whether it is good or bad. And because of this, it has been helpful for people to broadcast and spread awareness regarding unlikely circumstances.

Just like what this female passenger did when she encountered a taxu driver who seemed to be so proud of what he did. According to the post of the passenger, she and her friends rode a taxi. The driver then molested her. But insead of feeling sorry, he was seemed to be so proud of what he did as he raised his middle finger in the air and made a dirty sign. He did this after he noticed that he is being caught on cam. Read the post below and watch the videos she uploaded:

It is unfortunate that some people judge the poster for broadcasting what happened. Some of them blamed her for dressing attractively while some think that she only wants fame and attention online. However, the videos prove otherwise.

A lot of netizens were enraged of what the taxi driver did. Some of them requested the authorities to invoke his license as penalty for such behavior.

If you are in this situation, how would you react? Share us your opinion in the comments section below.

Source: Facebook

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