This Boy’s Transformation Really Made The Internet Go Crazy

Social media is a space full of trends and full of amazing trends. People who are using this platform are really doing everything just to start a trend or join one. It is no doubt most people are developing addiction towards this surface.

One challenge that hit many is the “Puberty-Hit Challenge”. Joiners post photos of them when they were in their early-teens and alongside of it post their current appearance. The interesting part is that social media users are very keen at comparing their before and after photos and celebrate the major and astonishing changes they could spot on.

That is why a young Filipino boy became extremely viral after his puberty photos spread like wildfire on the internet. Almost everyone went crazy after seeing his photos. His changes is really breath-taking. Puberty really hit hard on him.

For most people, puberty seemed to be an awkward stage but this young man really showed how puberty participated in making him look like a great man.

Although many people are celebrating with him, it is inevitable for others to criticize. Some people are saying that he must have used whitening soap or injectibles to achieve his complexion. Others also said that he used dental braces to attract attention. Criticisms may fall upon him but it will definitely stop him from being happy with who he is now.

Do you know of a person who also had a great transformation? Share his or her story in the comments section below.

Source: viral4real

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