Is This Andrea Brillantes’ Doppelganger?

One of the most prominent TV actress today is none other than the ever-beautiful child star, Andrea Brillantes. With her amazing talent and her beautiful face, there is no wonder that she is already taking over the internet and the industry soon after. Andres has such a huge fan base because of her unique characteristic as a person and as an artist. Because of her prominence, many people are aspiring to be just like her.

In a blog published by, a Facebook page posted several photos of a girl named Aiko Pablo. The site claimed that apparently, this beauty is actually a model. The website also claimed that she is the twin of Andrea Brillantes because of her “physical resemblance” to the young actress. Aiko is so beautiful and captivating that many netizens started to wonder about her information like where she lives, how old is she and whether she already has a boyfriend. There is no wonder that the young lady is so attractive because at a young age, she is already possessing such a face of an angle and a body like a real goddess.

Although Aiko is successful in gaining praises from many netizens, some of them think that she does not look like Andrea. Many were quick to say that she possess her own beauty and there is no need to compare her to the young actress.

In your opinion, do people have to look at one’s own beauty and stop comparing other people? Do you think there should be enough appreciation of a person even though he or she does not look like a famous artist? Tell us your insights in the comments section below.

Source: filipinovines

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