Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia talk about the ‘third-party’ in their relationship

In the Hapee Toothpaste Team Kramer launch held last October 2017, Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia openly talked about their marriage and their relationship in general. If you’re wondering how the relationship of such a high-profile couple like them has survived for more than a decade, Cheska happily shared what their real secret is: a ‘third-party’.

Now, before you panic, it is not that kind of ‘third-party’. Cheska was actually referring to Jesus Christ, saying He is the only ‘secret’ they have for their successful marriage. Everyone who knows the couple knows of their strong Christian faith.

The celebrity couple also shared they have misunderstandings and arguments from time to time like any other couple, but they do their best to sort things out immediately.

Doug shared:

“…No matter what disagreements we have, literally at the end of the day, we make sure that we resolve it. We don’t ever want a gap, a day or two days that we don’t talk. Hindi uso sa amin yun. We resolve it. We apologize, whoever needs to apologize.”

In addition to that, the loving husband also said he and his wife always make it a point to spend time with their family as much as they can.

What can you say about the relationship secret of Doug and Cheska Kramer? Do you think they’re #relationshipgoals? Let us your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Source: ABS-CBN

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