Couple Who Were Born On The Same Say, D*ed On The Same Day

Fate is very playful on some people. What are the odds of finding your other half only to find out that you share a lot of similarities? This is a story of a couple with an uncanny resemblance of their destiny.

They fell in love deeper as they realized their similarities such as both of them were born on the same year 1995, month of June, day 15 and exact hour. This couple ended tragically as they shared the serendipity until their last breath.
Based from reports, both of them where Architecture students. They first met when the guy accidentally lost his identification card. Lucky for him, the girl was able to get it. The two thinks that fate is at work and has brought both of them into this situation, so they decided to exchange phone numbers.

Other strange coincidences are that the couple both came from a broken family, both has same house number 3, and their cars’ plate number’s ending number 39 were also same.

One day they decided to eat outside, as they were on the road, a speeding car bumped theirs and the collision was so intense. They both passed away on the spot and based on findings they breathed their last at the same time. After the accident, their family decided to hold the funeral at once.

What can you say about this story? Do you now believe in fate or destiny? Our prayers for their family and their loved ones. Write your comments below.

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