Woman Accidentally Captures A Drowning Man

There is no doubt that during the summer season, the best that one can do is to gout of his home and look for the best resort or beach where he could swim. Swimming is the most famous summer outdoor activity for everybody. Unfortunately, not all of us know how to swim. That is why precautionary measures should be observed when going out for a swim to avoid unexpected accidents.

24-year-old Anneka Bading probably felt the extreme trauma when she accidentally witnessed a drowning incident while enjoying the waters of the MacKanzie Falls in the Grampians National Part, West Australia. Bading as with her two friends swimming when the tragic thing happened.

While soaking in the waters, Bading and her friends were shocked that some group of people started to scream and yell. The pressure of the water from the falls was too high that they could not see anything. They first thought that an animal was drowning as people around the victim were yelling and screaming. But since these people are of different nationality, they cannot understand their language.

Bading’s friend quickly thought of something and decided to use Bading’s GoPro camera to see what happened. They were shocked after seeing a Taiwanese man drowning. They tried to call for authorities but there was no mobile signal surrounding them. A man tried to jump to save the Taiwanese but he failed as the water took him away.

GoPro horror: Woman swimming at a popular waterfall accidentally captures the moment a Taiwanese national, 28, drowns as his friends desperately try to save him
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Bading did everything she can to get phone service. The day after the incident, the man’s dead body was found.

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