This Furious Woman Caught A Man Sneeking While She Is Dressing Inside A Dressing Room

Hidden cameras are mostly used for security purposes. Some use it for comedy like in pranks and social experiments. However, there are always limitations for everything, especially in legal terms, such as in places where cameras cannot be placed.

It has become a trend in social media where they post unsolicited videos that are controversial in order for them to gain more views from their content.

A peeping tom was caught red-handed by a woman who was trying out new dresses and tops in a Forever 21 branch in a SM mall in Taguig. Chezca Jane Figueroa was the one who caught and posted the incident on her Facebook account.

She quickly notified the authorities, but the man was able to delete all the evidence from his phone as he managed to throw away the memory card containing the pictures.

The voyeur was then apprehended by the police and was later on brought to the police station. However, he still denies any involvement and allegations of the victim regarding the incident.

Chezca was able to film the interrogation as the man covers his face because of shame.

See her post here:

What do you think of this story? Is he guilty or not? Comment below.

Posted by Chezca Jane Figueroa on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Posted by Chezca Jane Figueroa on Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Source: Facebook


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