A Video of Mistress Stripped Nak*d by Legal Wife

It is natural to have confrontation with the wife and the mistress, once the wife caught her husband cheating on her. It depends on the breeding of the original on how she reacts to the situation, whether she approaches her calmly or violently; most of the times it ends up to the latter. Some also bring their friends to confront with the mistress.

This scenario actually happened in China as caught on the camera where a speculated mistress was stripped in a public place while being tormented by the wife along with her friends. The video went viral over the social media and gained more than million views.

It can be seen on the video that the mistress was furiously kicked and slapped repeatedly while being put to shame. Witnesses and bystanders chose to help the mistress as they tried to stop the heated confrontation, but they were unable to cease the commotion.

The fight lasted for hours until they left the mistress almost naked with clothes torn apart. One big question is the whereabouts of the husband who cheated his wife for a temporary mistress. No one also knew how the problem was resolved.

In China, there is no law or ordinance that punishes or condemns adultery because of this, most of legal wives tend to resort to seek vengeance in a violent manner using her own hands. What is worst is that it might end up killing the other party in which is a crime and is subjected to a heavy punishment upon the law.

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