This Pinay Proved That Her Love For Her American Husband Is Stronger Than Any Amount Of Money

Many people would think that a Filipina would only marry a foreigner so she could live a life she is dreaming of. Some would think that these non-Filipinos can offer the most luxurious life style and the grandest materials in the world. This is one of the negative stereotypes we often receive from different race. It may be as painful as it could be, unfortunately, this is a continuing mentality.

However, a Filipina is now bravely and proudly destroying this notion with her unique and inspiring story. In a viral Facebook post, Regina Hoover proudly shared how she and her American husband has to think on how their family would survive all heir needs because her husband is actually not earning a lot like what other people are thinking. Regina is brave to share that they are living the life of every Filipino who are not having everything in this world. Although many people call her gold digger or her husband a walking dollar, these comments did not stop Regina from proving that marrying a foreigner is not all about money.

Regina’s post is very inspirational as she detailed what her family experienced. She shared that she gave birth to her son who has a different mental condition. In spite everything, they decided to live as a complete and normal family, always happy and contented with all they have.

Regina also shared her husband’s belief that wherever the tides take them, they should be there a sa whole family. Read her long post here:

What is your message for women like Regina? Share your insights!

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