Meet Baby MJ, James Yap’s super adorable and charming son with Italian wife Michela Cazzola

Doesn’t the name ‘Michael James Yap’ make your brain go straight to basketball? Well, even this kid’s nickname — MJ, reminds us of a great hooper. Well, we might have to wait a few more years to see whether this child truly grows up to be a great basketball player, as the name suggests.

Still, it isn’t hard to imagine. See, Baby MJ is actually James Yap’s son with Italian wife Michela Cazzola.

The 36-year-old Rain or Shine Elasto Painter star point guard has been bombarding social media recently with pictures of his new family, and we are not complaining!

See, even at a young age, Baby MJ is already a looker! It seems he got the perfect combination of his Fil-Ital heritage! How lucky could one get?

Still, it is the father, James Yap, who feels absolutely blessed to have such a wonderful little family. He frequently posts photos of ‘Mic’ (as he fondly calls her wife) and “Mini Mic.” Now, some would argue that MJ actually resembles his father more. What do you think?

James also calls his little son “Porma boy,” and indeed, the one-year-old surely has the makings of a model (alternate career option, if not a point guard himself, maybe?) After all, he seems very comfortable in front of the camera — always prepared to offer his adorable, sweet smile.

MJ’s parents have also shared photos of the toddler playing with balls, and it doesn’t fail to make netizens’ hearts swoon everytime. Are we looking at a PBA star — a prodigy of his father — in the making?

We surely hope so. Still, whatever career Baby MJ chooses for himself in the future, we’re sure he’ll have the full support of his loving parents.

Grow strong and healthy, Michael James Yap!

What do you think? Does this cute baby resemble his father or mother more? Do you think he’ll grow up to be a basketball star like his father before him? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Pilipinonews

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