Does Claudine Barretto Always Wear Rico Yan’s Wristwatch For The Past 16 Years?

Up to this day, the effect of the Rico Yan-Claudine Barretto love team never really fades away. Supportive and loyal fans of this iconic tandem never get tired of being there for them although it has been 16 years since Rico passed away. Indeed, the magic and the love that they left in the industry is timelessly remarkable, that no other tandem would be able to match.

Up to now, Claudine has always been vocal about how she never grieved when Rico died. She always shares how she tried to escape this painful part of her life. Indeed, Claudine remained very strong and resilient.

Like her, many fans were not able to move on from Rico’s death. That is why until now, there are still memories of Rico all over social media.

In a recent post of Instagram handler @ricoyanclaudine, a photo showing Rico wearing the same wristwatch Claudine was wearing grabbed the attentions of many fans. Many believed that couple watches exist during their time, and Claudine was still wearing hers as part of Rico’s.

Many other fans were quick to point out that Rico and Claudine indeed had a couple watch. As in fact, the administrator of the fan page claimed that Claudine is actually wearing Rico’s watch and Claudine’s son, Santino is actually wearing hers.

“Couple’s watch nila, gush, ‘yung kay Claudine si Santino na ang gumagamit at ang kay Rico si Claudine ang gumagamit. Henebe”

Many fans were happy that Claudine was still able to keep a memento of her beloved ex-boyfriend.

In an interview, Claudine shared that she intentionally worn out herself so she could escape the painful feeling of losing Rico.

“Hanggang ngayon dala-dala ko because I never really grieved. I just really kept on working and working. I wanted to tire myself para pag-uwi ko tulog na lang, hindi ko na maisip iyong pagkamatay ng boyfriend ko, ng ex-boyfriend ko. Ang gusto ko lang mapagod. Hindi pa talaga ako nakapag-rest para umiyak. Up to this day” she said.

“I tried to leave iyong part ng kay Rico behind when I got married kasi siyempre I had to focus on my husband and my children, but it was always there. Pagka-birthday, nandiyan na naman ako. And kahit papaano naman, naging supportive ‘yong ex-husband ko,” Claudine added.

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