CCTV Footage Shows A Terrifying Moment A Toddler Almost Crushes To Death

Preventive measures and intensive care must be provided if you a have small kids or toddlers at home. They are very vulnerable to dangers and accidents. Outmost parental care is a requirement for every home where a toddler is present. After all, their lives are very important.

The CCTV footage acquired by the website, Daily Mail, seemed to be a terrifying reminder for parents to be extra cautious when fixing their furniture. The footage caught how the little boy could die seconds from the accident.



The video shows the two boys playing inside the house without adult supervision. While the other one is busy playing with their toys, another one was so curious about the piles of heavy drawers in front of him. He tried to open each section and to his surprise, the cabinet suddenly toppled, he was so shocked the it almost fell on him. Fortunately, he was able to escape centimeters away from the heavy furniture. Had he failed to crawl with enough speed, he could have died because of the seriousness of possible injuries.

Daily Mail claimed that in a report they acquired, 22 children below 9 years old have died from the same incident since 2001 in Australia. Therefore, it is really a requirement for parents to supervise their kids and take precautionary measures when handling their furniture.

What can you give as an advice to parents whose children are under 9 years old? Share them in the comments section below.

Source: Dailymail

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