This Woman Became A Mother At The Age Of 72

Conceiving a child is considered as a fulfilment for every woman. Almost all the ladies in the world dreamt of becoming a mother. They are always looking forward to be holding a baby in their arms.

That is why no words could describe the joy that 72-year-old Daljinder Kaur felt when she finally became a mother at her age. Kaur shared that she and her husband failed to conceive a child for the 46 years that they are married. No matter how much she wanted to have a little boy and girl in her arms, having a baby did not become really for them.

The couple then decided to seek for an alternative procedure. They resorted to the use of an assisted reproduction process called IVF or In-Vitro fertilization. The treatment was successful as a baby boy was born.

But because of her old age, Kaur admitted that she had a hard time taking care of her baby. Her joints were always aching and she easily get tired. She also suffers high blood pressure most of the time. Aside from her health concerns, Kaur is also very concern with her baby’s health. She was not able to process breastmilk very well so her son was very thin and underweight. His diapers do not even fit him. Raising a baby is very tiring for an old lady like Kaur. However, she is firm that all her sacrifices and hardships are all worth it because they can see that their son is very kind and very happy to be with them.

What can you say about this bizarre story? Do you know of other couples who also underwent IVF treatment? Comment your insights in the comments section below.

Source: metabuzz

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