This Girl Is So Proud To Have Her Boyfriend And She Has A Message For Everyone

Beauty has its different standard. There are a lot of times when a person experience bullying because of their height, their physical appearance and most of the time, because of their weight. But when a person loves you truly, weight will no longer matter.

Such is the case between a Facebook user who goes by the name Abegail Apostol. Abegail is so proud of her boyfriend that she dedicated a short but very meaningful message for him on social media. Abegail did not think of what other people would say. For her, she and her boyfriend Paolo Fernandez, owns their own world.

On her post, Abegail proudly shared that she did not get into a relationship with Paolo just to brag that she has the boy-next-door kind of boyfriend. She said that she loves Paolo no matter what.

“Hindi ako nag boyfriend para ipanlaban ng papogian ng jowa sa mga kaibgan ko. Mahal ko to kahit hindi ko sya mayakap ng buo. Mahal ko to kahit sampung unli rice kayang itumba neto. Mahal ko to kahit hindi ako mahabol sa takbuhan. Mahal ko to. Mahal na mahal” Abegail said on her post.

Abegail also commented on those people who think that they do not “fit” with each other just because Abegail is skinny while Paolo is abit chubby. For her, she loves Paolo regardless of other people’s opinion.

“Masakit man na parang iba yung tingin samin ng mga tao, Proud prin ako sa boyfriend ko. Kaya sa mga nangmamata samin, haynako mamatay kayo sa inggit” she added.

Abegail also has a message for people like Paolo who are still waiting for the love of their lives.

“Ps. Sa mga matataba dyan, mkakahanap din kayo ng true love wait wait ka lang”

See her actual post here:

What can you say about this kind of relationship? Abegail is indeed a proud girl of her man! Share your insights and similar stories in the comments section below.

Source: Facebook

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