Woman sees famous personalities in Hell, such as Michael Jackson, Selena and other celebrities

An 18 year old woman from Ecuador, Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora authored Prepare to Meet your God which talks about her experience in hell along with famous personalities such as Pope John Paul the II and Michael Jackson.

The woman explained that she was asked by Jesus Christ to see Heaven and Hell where those celebrities are said to be found. She also talks about the glory of heaven revelations of world’s end.
According to her, many of the people there knows about the Lord and she was allowed too see the other part of the furnace. Another woman was seen covered in flames and was tortured while asking for mercy from the Lord. Later, the woman covered in fire was actually, Selena, the celebrity. As she was crying from excruciating pain and expecting to be given chance, the Lord stared unto her and uttered that it is already too late to ask for forgiveness.

Based from her story, Pope John Paul II was said to be a liar for not speaking the truth of his preaches and said that he valued money than salvation. Michael Jackson was touted as a Satanist and the Lord asked her to tell the people not to listen to his music. Then the Lord showed Mora a tunnel having many people being shackled with chains. Mora was then told by the Lord that that is how the humankind will fall.

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Source: insidereaders

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