A sneak peek at America’s underground luxury bomb shelters spacious enough for sports facilities and even private jets

American real estate is booming once more thanks to the popularity of bomb shelters – underground dwellings that serve the purpose of providing shelter and protect when the apocalypse comes.

It seems like a pretty solid investment, right? After all, the possibility of a terror attack or even a world war leading to an apocalyptic scenario isn’t really far-fetched nowadays. Surely, anybody with enough sense would find this a worthy investment.

So, why haven’t all the families in America gotten one? Well, for one, these luxury bomb shelters do come with a hefty price tag. See, the most basic underground shelters cost around $54,000.

Still, protection from a possible nuclear attack involves more than just basic necessities, especially if families actually have to stay in these underground dwellings for more than a single year. For more complex shelters, the price tag could read as high as $10 million.


“Budget and imagination are the only limits,” says Brad Roberson, marketing director of the Rising S Company, one of the institutions offering the development of such facilities.

“You can have all your major amenities: TV, high power and high voltage (appliances)… horticulture rooms where you can grow vegetables and gardens, a full shower, all the amenities of your full home,” he explained.

To give you a glimpse of one of the company’s biggest contracts so far, they gave a sneak peek of an $8 million development they built in Colorado. The 15,000- sq. ft. does not only contain basic rooms and amenities, but also features elevators and ramps perfect for its contractor, a PWD.

The space is also big enough to park two airplanes. Since the owner has a large extended family, 22 rooms and a fully-functional gym were also customized for his use.

‘People are awakening to the threat,’ said Sharon Packer, co-owner of yet another service offering the building of bomb shelters, Utah Shelter Systems ‘A lot of it is the terrorist attacks, a lot of it is the economy. People are concerned about having a government failure. Some of it is Earth changes.’

See the makings of these intriguing homes for yourself right here:

What can you say? If money is not a problem, would you have one of these installed for your family? Why/why not? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: dailymail

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