Medieval woman believed to have given birth inside her coffin.

Discovery of human bones who have died centuries ago have been an integral part of studying the history of the humanity. They pave the way for us modern humans to understand what it feels like living during their times. Another discovery in Italy just made a huge buzz online because of its extraordinary case.

A well-preserved remain of an adult woman laid to rest was discovered in Imola, Italy. Although this may seem too common for archaeologist, what comes with her is truly spectacular. This case is considered extraordinary as this is one of the rare discovery of “coffin birth”. The woman was identified as a medieval adult who was pregnant when she died. Surprisingly, her coffin showed her bones alongside remains of a fetus positioned between her legs.

Experts believe that the woman and the child were already dead by the time they were placed inside the coffin. However, it the gases inside the woman pushed the baby out of the mother as if she really gave birth inside the coffin.

Archeologists identified the woman around 25-35 years of age. A marking on her skull also indicated that she might have undergone a brain surgery while pregnant to her baby. Her history also showed that a pregnancy-related problem may have prompted her surgery. During this medieval period, when a pregnant woman is having difficulty in carrying her child, it is believed that drilling a hole in her skull may help her. Although there is no exact indication as to what her exact pregnancy-related problem is, further tests showed that she survived one week after her brain surgery. Her bones even showed healing signs. Her death is also not certain until this moment. Some theory suggests that she could have died because of her pregnancy, while others are saying that she could have died because of her pregnancy-related problem. Of course, other experts are not withdrawing the possibility that she could have died because of her brain surgery.

Source: dailymail

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