Enchong Dee And Erich Gonzales Spark Controversy With Their Latest Paris Photo!

Love teams are considered as a very vital aspect of the colorful world of the Philippine showbiz industry. Without them, no one would portray love as perfectly as they can in every movie or TV series. One of the most prominent love teams in this generation would be Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales.

Enchong and Erich first worked together in the hit primetime series, “Katorse” and once again paired up for a 2014 project, “Once a Princess”. Since then, their charisma on their fans have become incredibly remarkable. The iconic pair once again made everyone crazy with their team up in the current hit series, “The Blood Sisters” together with co-stars Cherrie Pie Picache, Jestoni Alarcon. Dina Bonnevie and Ejay Falcon.

Adding up to the heat of their current pairing, Enchong and Erich went to Paris to “celebrate their friendship”. The photos they posted on their Instagram account serve as evidence that the two enjoyed each other’s company in the City of Love.

Enchong captioned his photo with:

“She looked at the glass walls without knowing that beside her was the reflection of her eternity’s joy and sorrow, heaven and earth, laughter and pain, and everything opposite. It was a beautiful story of Love. @erichgg [heart emoticons]”

Erich also did not let the precious moment pass by and proudly shared to her followers the good time she had with her co-star. She captioned her photo with:

“Through thick & thin #BestFriends”

Netizens cannot contain their feelinsg as they share different sentiments on the photos:

In an interview with Vice Ganda, Erich and Enchong revealed that they have been denying rumors about their romantic relationship with each other because it has been clear between them that no relationship will form. They shared that this perspective helped them to work with each other comfortably and easily.

Do you think that Enchong and Erich will have a lasting friendship with this kind of relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: ABS-CBN

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