The Parents Of This 16-year-old Girl Were Arrested after They Poured Hot Oil On Her When She Refused To Get Married To An Old Man

The parents of a 16-year-old girl are now sitting behind the bars after they allegedly abused their daughter and poured hot oil on her when she refused to get married to an old man who would pay them a huge amount of money.

According to the reports, it was the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office who arrested the 34-year-old Abdulah Fahmi Al Hishmawi and the 33-year-old Hamdiyah Sabah Al Hishmawi for beating up and burning their daughter, Maarib Al Hishmawi.

The parents of the poor teen have been charged with continuous family violence and were placed behind the bars.

However, further reports stated that the parents have denied the allegation stating that no one forced the girl into marrying the old man and that they wanted nothing but the best for their daughter.

After the incident, the 5 other siblings of Maarib were handed over to the custody of Child Protective Services.

Reports stated that Abdulah and Hamdiyah came from Iraq two years ago along with 6 other children.

A year ago, the 25-year-old man promised to give the parents of the girl a total of $20,000 in exchange for marrying their daughter who was just 15 back then.

Maarib refused to marry the old man who wasn’t named and so her parents started the abuse. She was choked and beaten with a broomstick and there was even an incident wherein her parents poured hot oil on Maarib.

After several months of continuous abuse, she finally agreed to the arranged marriage.

Source: InsideReaders

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