The Story Of A Netizen Who Was Diagnosed With True Hermaphrodite

Are you familiar with the condition known as True Hermaphrodite? This is a rare condition wherein a person has both organs of a male and a female. It’s pretty rare to find a story like this, especially with the fact that some people are embarrassed to admit it. However, we have here a netizen who bravely admitted about her condition.

A Facebook user named Maher Ibrahim Borhan from Cotabato City recently took to social media to share how it’s like living with the condition called a hermaphrodite.

Borhan bravely admitted on his viral post that he was raised as a woman who wears clothes of females, but as time flies, he slowly realizes that he’s different and that he doesn’t enjoy living as a woman.

According to his story, when he was in elementary, he thought that he’s a lesbian for he’s attracted to his female classmates. He fought the feeling because he knew that it is not acceptable.

But then again, when he hit puberty, he slowly realized that he’s different. His voice started to deepen and he noticed that he doesn’t have a pair of boobs.

It was the when he realized that he suffers from Hermaphrodite. It wasn’t easy for he became the centre of bullying. People insulted him and called him names because of his condition.

At the end of his post, he stated that all he’s asking from everyone is to understand his condition and at least be considerate for living with a Hermaphrodite was never easy.

As of this writing, his post has already garnered a total of 7.3k reactions and has been shared more than 3k times.

Source: Facebook

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