Fresh Graduate Honored Her Father Who Worked Hard As A Kargador Just To Send Her To School

The fathers of her classmates are policemen, seamen, doctors, and teachers, but that doesn’t make her feel ashamed of her father who works as a kargador. Instead of being ashamed of her father’s job, she chose to brag that her father works hard to earn enough money for her studies.

We all know for a fact that every parent out there would do anything to send their children to school, but then, not everyone’s willing to work hard as a kargador or a labourer just to send their children to school. The painful thing is, there are students who are feeling ashamed whenever their classmates are learning about the occupation of their father.

But then, everything’s different for this fresh graduate who chose to brag about her father’s occupancy instead of feeling ashamed.

A Facebook user named Mailyn Esquelito Akoy took the internet by a storm after she posted a couple of photos and a video that was accompanied by a lengthy caption that tells the story of how her kargador father managed to fund her studies.

What made everything even more difficult for them is when their house in the squatters area caught on fire. The struggles didn’t end there. After their house caught on fire, her older brother passed away after he fell sick. Since they don’t have enough money to pay for hospital bills, they failed to rush him to the hospital.

Despite everything that they had experienced, they chose to remain positive and chose to work even harder.

Akoy was desperate to honour her father’s greatness and so she decided to write him a poem that was entitled ‘Amang Kargador”.

Posted by Mailyn Esquelito Akoy on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Source: Viral4Real | Facebook

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