Chinese Teacher Was Fired After He Posted A Video Of Him Kissing His 17-year-old Student

Teachers are the ones who are expected to shape their students. They serve as their students’ role models int eh community for they are the ones who definitely knows what to do and what not to do for them to be able to gain people’s respect. However, there are times when these teachers are the one who is doing something for people to lose respect for their profession. Take this Chinese teacher for example.

A 47-year-old Chinese Teacher was fired from his job after he posted the kissing video of him and his 17-year-old student.

In the viral scandalous video, the Chinese teacher from the Luonan County in Shaanxi province was seen holding his student by her waist while kissing her on her face and on her lips. Reports stated that it was the student who took the video while the teacher was the one who posted it online.

Apparently, the Chinese teacher forgot to change the privacy settings of his social media account to ‘private’ before posting it.

The Chinese teacher is a full-time staff at the Luonan High School but because of what had happened, he was fired and was expelled from the school’s Communist Party branch.

Also, they revoke his teacher’s qualification from the local education bureau and asked him to return $400 teaching fee that the family of the girl has been paying him to tutor her.

“Police have investigated and found the student consented [to kissing him]. She took the video and the teacher uploaded it to QQ,” the high school’s principal was quoted as saying.

Source: Viral4Real

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