Passenger Received A Big Surprise From The Uber Driver Who Returned Her Lost Phone

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @__cklucas took the internet by a storm after she posted a couple of photos of him with an Uber driver who was literally surprised after he gave her flowers and chocolates.

According to her post, she accidentally left her phone inside an Uber car. She thought that she would never get her phone again until she got in touch with the Uber driver who told her that he’s willing to return her lost phone.




They then agreed to meet with each other. Little did she know that the Uber driver has a bigger surprise for her. She was literally unprepared for what had happened next!

The unidentified Uber driver go beyond her expectations! Instead of just returning her lost phone, he even gave her flowers and donuts!

The netizen wrote: “So I lost my phone, but thanks to this very kind uber driver for returning it!!!

“plot twist: ako na nakaabala may pa [flowers emoji] at [donut emoji] pa si kuya.”

The netizens who were able to read her post can’t help but gush and giggle over their story. Some even hoped that they would end up together.

CK who happens to be the sister of Jon Lucas, a member of the Hashtags, revealed that it was the first time that she received a flower from a guy.

Read the comments from the netizens below:



Source: KAMI

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