Due To Excessive Use Of Gadgets, This Child Suffered From Seizures

Previously, there were reports claiming that a mother was horrified after seeing her daughter had seizures and showed stroke-like symptoms. She was even more horrified when the doctors told her that her excessive use of gadgets is the one to blame. Most people refused to believe in her story until another netizen took to social media to share how terrified she is after she experienced the same thing with her sister.

According to the netizen named Nicole Angela Carriedo, she was sleeping beside her sister when she noticed that she started stretching. It was around 1:45 in the morning and her sister’s body didn’t just stretch but it also started shaking. She was then horrified when she realized that her sister took too long to finish stretching.

After three more minutes, the girl moved, hugged her and asked for help.

Fortunately, there was a medical center near them who rushed to help her little sister. She underwent several tests including EEG.

It was then when the doctors told them that the little girl suffered from seizures due to excessive use of gadgets. The same case happened to a 6-year-old girl Mikayla Collamar who suffered from seizures because of her excessive use of gadgets.

While they were waiting for the results and the final diagnosis, Carriedo decided to share it on social media in hopes of sending a warning to everyone, not to let their children spend too much time on gadgets.

It sure is easier to take care of a kid who’s just sitting around using different gadgets, but we should also watch out for the possible effects that it could bring to a child’s health.

Also, the advanced technologies can really be helpful in terms of communication and work, but that doesn’t mean that the children could be exposed to it at an early age. After all, it’s still advisable for children to spend more time outside, exercising their bones and muscles.

Posted by Nicole Angela Carriedo on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Source: Rachfeed

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