Woman Fell In Love With A Younger Man Who Happens To Be Her Biological Son!

We all know for a fact that through the years, a lot of people have been proving that love has no boundaries for it knows no age and everything. However, everything’s quite different for this woman who fell in love with a younger man, only to discover that he is her son!

This is quite disturbing for some, but still, we’ll share the story of this mother and son who had an intimate relationship.

A woman from New Mexico was 36 years old when she found a new love. For the second time around, she fell in love, but this time, it’s with a younger man. She fell in love with a 19-year-old man. A younger man who’s almost half her age.


Nothing’s wrong with their relationship being an intimate one, what makes everything all wrong is when they found out that they are relatively close to each other since the younger man she fell in love with is her long lost son!

Apparently, Monica Mares was just 16 years old when she gave birth to a baby boy. She knew that she couldn’t take care of him and so she gave her up for adoption.

Caleb Peterson, Monica’s son, was then adopted by a couple from Texas.

Surprisingly, Monica and her son crossed paths after almost two decades. They met through social media.

Monica then went to get her son back from his adoptive parents who let Caleb stay with her and her other children.

However, Monica had no idea that she would fell in love with her son. Monica felt something different towards her son, and the feeling’s mutual!

They started out a romantic relationship that turned sexual despite knowing that they are biologically related!

The couple claims that they are madly in love with each other despite that they were charged with incest, which is, of course, illegal in New Mexico.

Monica was sentenced 18 months of imprisonment and was prohibited to keep in touch with her children.

However, she told her self that once she gets out of jail, she would fetch Caleb and her other children again and that they would live a life where their love will be allowed.

Source: KAMI

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