A Pregnant Woman Was Caught On Cam Being Abused By Her Own Boyfriend

The Philippines is no longer a stranger when it comes to cases of physical abuse. It’s no longer a new case in the Philippines that’s why a lot of people and women advocates are fighting for the rights of every woman against abuse. However, there are some people who just can’t live without hurting people. Just like this man who beat his pregnant girlfriend showing no mercy at all.

A man previously took the internet by a storm after he was caught on cam abusing his pregnant girlfriend. A Facebook user who goes by the name Galera Baloyot Ferjemae posted a video on Facebook, showing how the pregnant woman named Maricar Payas was beaten up by her own partner.

The uploader of the video stated that the man does this often with his partner. He doesn’t care if his girlfriend’s pregnant because all that he wanted to do is to beat her up for him to let out his anger.

In the video clip, they were seen getting engaged in a heated argument. Things escalated quickly when the man started slapping his pregnant girlfriend.

Throughout the viral video, all that the man did was continuously slap his girlfriend without even minding if she’s pregnant or not.

The Facebook user who posted the video on Facebook claims that he posted it in hopes of seeking attention from people to help do something about the incident. He also stated that he posted it to show the family of the woman what her partner has been doing.

This is just another proof that there are some people out there who still think that it’s alright to hit women.

Source: SocialTrends

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