Quick Reflexes Of This Store Clerk Saved The Life Of A Baby After His Mom Suffered Seizure

We all know for a fact that it is a mom’s responsibility to take good care of her baby. However, there are instances wherein they are being put to a test to the point that they are already unknowingly putting their child’s life in danger. The good thing is that there are some people who are kind enough to lend a helping hand. Just like what this store clerk did when a mom had a seizure inside the grocery store she works for.

A store clerk was hailed a hero for her quick reflexes in saving a child from her mother who was suffering a seizure.

The CCTV footage showed the store clerk Rebecca Montano quickly grabbing the baby from her mother before she collapsed on the floor at the Alta convenience store.

According to the store clerk, she was ringing up what the woman bought while trying to entertain the baby who was just a few months old when she noticed something strange with the woman’s movements. She told herself that something wasn’t right.

“I wanted to make the baby smile because I love babies, I am a mom and grandma,” she said. “I look at the mom and she has a blank stare and something in me said something wasn’t right.”

That being said, she immediately reached for the baby and it was then when the mother collapsed.

“She started to sway so I grabbed the baby’s arms,” she said. “[The mother] was lost in space. I said, ‘I gotta take this baby’ and took the baby out of her arms. When I did that she started to fall.”

The store clerk then started shouting, asking other customers to call 911. The dispatcher then told the store clerk on how to attend to the woman before the paramedics arrive.

After a few days, the woman who suffered a seizure returned to the same convenience store to personally thank the store clerk for saving her baby.

“She came back yesterday afternoon… to tell me thank you for saving her baby,” she said.

The woman who was just in her nearly 20s stated that she had been suffering seizures since she was little.

“It was scary, it upset me terribly,” she said of the experience, denying she had done anything heroic. “Every time I watch the clip I shake because I don’t like it. It brings tears to my eyes.

“Now I feel better because I know the girl is OK.”

Source: Chismix | InsideEdition

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