This Obese Woman Thought That The Baby Inside Her Is Already Dead Until The Doctors Told Her The Heart-melting News

For every woman, pregnancy is considered as the greatest gift. It’s considered as the most fulfilling, but also the toughest challenge in their life. This is exactly what an obese woman named Shannen Roan thought when she found out that she’s pregnant. She was excited to see her child. She was so excited that she didn’t realize that she would have a hard time carrying the life inside her.

During her critical pregnancy, the 24-year-old mom is also an obese woman who weighs over 238 pounds. Things got worse when she thought that the baby inside her was already dead because they couldn’t detect its heartbeat.

Her belly that was already swollen given her weight, became even more swollen as her baby bump starts to form.

That made everything even more difficult for the doctors weren’t able to detect the baby’s heartbeat. The expectant mother was already thinking that her baby might not make it.

Due to health issues, the body of the obese woman wasn’t able to cope with the changes in her body. Before her due date, she was warned that her baby might not make it. Furthermore, the doctors also diagnosed her with strep B bacteria which is not harmless for people but can harm a baby.

“Approximately 10 to 30 percent of pregnant woman carry GBS in the vagina or rectum or surrounding area. While GBS is generally harmless in healthy adults, it may cause stillbirth and serious infections in babies.”

Due to the complications caused by her pregnancy, the body of the obese woman fell into a coma.

“I went into labor early at 36 weeks and my body went into shock and the doctor lost my baby’s heart beat. Everyone thought my baby had died but because my health was declining so rapidly, they prioritized saving my life.”

However, the doctors were pretty shocked to find out that the baby was alive! The doctors performed a c-section on the obese woman and discovered that the baby was still kicking inside her.

Shannen was happy to see her child and so she decided to do something to change her life. She decided to put an end to her obesity and start living a healthy life with her son. She underwent a weight-loss training program and is already unrecognizable after her transformation.

Source: TNP

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