Good-looking Tricykad Driver Captures The Hearts Of The Netizens

Let’s face it, the Filipino people’s creativity and originality are allowing them to come up with an out of this world invention that is not only pleasing to the eyes but can also help people. One of the eye-catching inventions of the Filipin people is the humble tricykad. Tricykad is made out of a bicycle with an attached sidecar. Its name came from the other means of transportation in the country known as tricycle and pedicap/padyak. In fact, a tricykad driver recently took the internet by a storm because of his good looks!

The Facebook page of Charotism has recently posted several photos of a tricykad driver. The post immediately went viral online because of his good looks.

The caption of the post read: “Sakay na mga bes! Charot! Hunk Tricykad driver ng Calbayog City Samar. Nakita ko siya kanina naka pila sa metro inantay ko talag ana sya na ang magpasakay para maka sama ko man lang sya kahit saglit. (lande nug nag caption/post charot!)”

Because of his good looks, people can’t help but ask if he’s a sweet lover as well.

Although the identity of the netizen who posted the photos f the tricykad driver was hidden, it is pretty obvious that he/she loves men with pandesal-like abs.

In fact, the one who posted the photos even waited for the hunky tricykad driver’s turn on the lane just so she could spend a little time with him.

Somehow, this man appeared like a Greek God who took a time off and walks among the mortals.

Meanwhile, the netizens agreed with the post and stated that if they were her/him, they would take a tour around the city to be with him for the rest of the day

Read the comments from the netizens below:

What do you think of this story? If you were his passenger, would you still say that you’ve already reached your destination? Share us your thoughts!

Source: TNP

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