14-year-old Girl Who Was S*xually Harassed By Her Father, Commits Suicide

Parents are the ones who should take good care of their children. They are the ones who should work really hard to give their children the best things in life and for them to be able to give them a better future. However, there are children who no longer get to see the future since they are already ending their lives at a young age because of what their mother or their father did. This is exactly the case for the 14-year-old girl who committed suicide because of her father.

While the mother of this 14-year-old girl works abroad, her father was left to take care of her. But instead of taking care of her, he chose to abuse his precious little angel.

Janice Brual, the mother of the victim and Maria Guevarra the victim’s aunt, sought help from Raffy Tulfo. These ladies wanted to give justice to the death of their little girl who committed suicide because her father took away her innocence.

According to Janice Brual and Maria Guevarra, the 14-year-old girl told her father’s sister everything. She told her aunt on her father’s side that her father has been abusing her. However, instead of seeking help and justice, they chose to keep quiet.

It was also stated that before the little girl committed suicide, she was able to tell one of her classmates that she’s being abused by her father. Her classmate had no idea what to do and so she decided to tell the teacher.

Since the mother of the victim is working abroad, the victim’s teacher who learned about what had happened, talked to the sister of the suspect to settle things. However, she was told not to make an issue and just keep her mouth shut.

No action was done and the abuse continued until the little girl can no longer take it and so she committed suicide and hang herself in their home.

Her mother, an OFW, and her aunt were devastated by what had happened and are seeking justice for the little girl.

Raffy Tulfo and his team accompanied them to the suspect’s house to confront them. Upon arrival, instead of showing signs of regret, they are even the ones who are mad! They keep on blaming the mother and the aunt, saying that they had no idea what happened.

In the end, the father of the victim was apologizing for what had happened, asking the woman to pull out the charges so that they could start a new life. But then, the woman refused to do so.


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