Jealous Girlfriend Slashed Her Sleeping Boyfriend With A Katana

A man who was just enjoying playing video games was attacked and nearly killed by his girlfriend after she attacked him using a Katana. Reports suggested that his jealous girlfriend slashed him with a Katana and nearly killed him.

On March 3, the man who was identified as Alex Lovell was rushed to the hospital after his jealous girlfriend slashed him with a katana while he was sleeping.

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According to the reports, it would take him up to six months to fully recover from the horrifying attack.

Alex Lovell received multiple injuries in different parts of his body that was repeatedly slashed with a Katana. His jealous girlfriend stated that his addiction to video games is one of the reasons why she attacked him. She also added that she caught him cheating after she discovered the dating app called ‘Tinder’ installed on his phone.

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Emily Javier, the man’s girlfriend, stated that his addiction to the video game ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ prompted her to commit the act.

Via Viral 4 Real
Via Viral 4 Real

Meanwhile, Lovell admitted that he really spends 12 to 13 hours on computer games but he never cheated on her for he already loses time for his girlfriend and adding one won’t solve anything.

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“I barely had time to hang out with my girlfriend, let alone another girl,” he said

When his girlfriend attacked him, he stated in the reports that his only way of defending himself was to hug her while repeatedly saying how much he loves her.

“I told her I loved her, and she was killing me. She needed to call the police, or I was going to die.”

The police arrived just in time, allowing the doctors to save Lovell’s life.

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Though his girlfriend nearly killed him for being addicted to video games, all that Lovell said was: “She called the authorities and saved my life, I hope that counts for something.” He added, “It’s a bit complicated. Regardless, I assume she needs some serious help.”

As per Javier, she was charged with attempted murder and her bail is set to be around $350,000 (around P18.2 million).

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