Netizen Calls Out On The Hospital Who took Away The Life Of Her Sister And Her Baby

A Facebook user named Mariiya Monica recently took to social media to let out all her emotions and her anger towards the Zanorte Hospital, whom she claims to be at fault for the loss of a loved one.

According to her viral post, they rushed her sister to the hospital at around 10 in the morning because she’s about to give birth. However, when an ultrasound was performed, bad news came, the baby was already lifeless.

It was then when the husband of the woman pleaded the doctors at the hospital to perform a cesarean operation to save the life of the mother who was slowly losing consciousness and energy.


At around 3 in the afternoon, she claims that her sister was already brought into the delivery room but the doctors still haven’t performed a CS. The worst part is, when it’s already 7 in the evening, they were told that their loved one is already gone, that her sister didn’t make it.

It was then when they realized why the hospital and the doctors refused to perform an operation. They strongly believe that the doctors were thinking twice about performing CS because they don’t have enough money to pay for it.

The netizen further added that just because they had no money to pay for it, they let her sister die in pain.

Here’s a rough translation of her post:

“ZANORTE HOSPITAL. Tingnan niyo ang inyong pagiging mabait! Alas 10 sa umaga finorward sa hospital niyo si Ate kasi mangangak na siya pero pag ultrasound patay na yung bata. Paulit ulit nakiusap si kuya sa inyo na ipa CS nalang para masave si ate kasi nanghihina na siya.

“Pagdating ng alas 3 pinapasok niyo kami sa delivery room pero anung ginawa niyo? di niyo parin nagawang e CS na nakikiusap na talaga si kuya sa inyo. At Bakit? Bakit ayaw niyo gawin? Dahil sa wala kaming pera? Ganyan ba kayo? Panginoon na ang bahala sa inyo! Wala kayong respeto. Wala kayong puso.

“Pagka alas 7 dun niyo po sasabihin na wala ng pag-asa si ate. Mukha niyo! Masaya na kayo dito? Ina at anak patay. Walang awa.”

The family of the woman mourns the death of a loved one and are still in disbelief of what had happened.

As of this writing, the video has already been viewed more than 2 million times while the post itself garnered 42k reactions from the netizens who were just as furious as the relatives of the woman who passed away.

Posted by Mariiya Monica on Monday, March 19, 2018

Source: Facebook

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