Mom Unexpected Gave Birth To A 13 lbs Baby! She’s Definitely A Huge Newborn Baby

We are all aware that every parent treats their child special. Although it’s pretty tiring and draining to take care of a baby, most parents still believe that their children are their source of strength. The 29-year-old mother named Chrissy Corbitt is no exception for she already knows what it feels like to be a mom. She’s no ordinary mom for she’s a mom who had already given birth to two babies who weighed 9lbs and 10 lbs respectively. Not so surprisingly, her final baby was huge! It was a 13 lbs baby!

Chrissy Corbit from Florida thought that she has seen all the surprises in her previous pregnancies. However, she didn’t expect to see more surprises on her most recent child.

Before she gave birth, she already suspected that her baby would be a big one, but of course, she couldn’t identify how big she will be.

“The belly was getting bigger and bigger. It was like she had a huge beach ball and it was getting more and more inflated,” says the baby’s dad, Larry.

All of her previous children have already grown larger than the average size but then, none of them was near the final baby, Carleigh.

On May 13, 2017, Chrissy gave birth to Carleigh via C-section. Carleigh is a 13 lbs baby. The size of her baby was enough to shock since she had no idea that she would grow that big.

“When the pediatrician showed her to me across the curtain, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s huge,’” Chrissy told Inside Edition.

Chrissy wasn’t the only one who’s been waiting for her newborn baby to come for every single person in the delivery room were waiting to see how huge the newborn baby is!

When the 13 lbs baby was finally born, her mother received a round of applause for being able to give birth to such huge newborn baby!

“I heard everybody cheering in the operating room. I’ve never had that happen before,” Chrissy said.

Little did she know that it would be just the beginning of the journey of her 13 lbs baby!

When they were finally home, they realized that the baby couldn’t fit in the ordinary baby clothes that they bought for her. The same thing goes for the diapers. Everything that they prepared for her was donated to a local church.

“All the stuff we bought leading up to her being born, we just donated to a local church,” Larry joked.

As Carleigh grows, the 13 lbs baby continues to grow bigger and bigger. In act, at three weeks old, she was already wearing clothes that are supposed to fit a 9-month-old baby.

It seems that Carleigh would be one tall girl in the future. However, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, she’s not the heaviest for there was a baby who was born 22 lbs in 1879.

Although she’s huge for her age, her parents still see her as a little ball of energy.

Surgeons performing a surgery in an operating room — Image by © Glowimages/Corbis

Chrissy says: “She’s just a happy baby, she smiles all the time,” Chrissy said. “I can’t get enough of her.”

Meanwhile, Chrissy promised that Carleigh will be their last baby.

“That’s enough for me,” said Chrissy. “We’re going out with a bang.”

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