Taxi Driver Who Was Caught Scamming A Vlogger, May Lose His Driver’s License

A lot of government officials are asking people why they’re choosing to use Grab or Uber instead of riding an ordinary taxi. Apart from the fact that it’s safer to use Grab or Uber, they also have fixed rates indicated once you booked your ride, unlike metered taxis who already have meters yet they are still forcing their passengers to pay for a fixed rate that would help them fulfill their ‘boundary’ for the day. That is exactly what this taxi driver did to a vlogger!

A popular Fil-Am vlogger named Hayley Dasovich filmed the scamming done to her by a taxi driver in NAIA.

In the viral video, the vlogger asked the man to start the meter by then, the driver refused to do so and stated that she should pay him a fixed rate of P500.

Dasovich continued to insist to run the meter but the driver started telling her that they’ve been waiting there for two hours and the least thing that their passengers could do is to agree.

The driver even advised Dasovich not to take a white taxi because they are expecting good passengers to pay for their fixed rate.

After the video was posted online, the LTFRB or the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board decided to take action in this matter. They are currently reviewing the driver’s license of the taxi driver and stated that after what had happened, he may lose his license.

“His franchise, granted November 25, 2016, expiration date November 21, 2017. We will check if he has filed an extension of validity,” LTFRB board member Aileen Lizada said in Filipino in an interview with GMA News’ “24 Oras”.

After the incident, Cayanan’s taxi was impounded and there is a possibility that the management of NAIA would no longer allow white taxis to pick up passengers at the airport.


DEALING WITH TAXI SCAMS IN MANILA (PHILIPPINES) Taxi scams happen often in Manila, Philippines. You know you're being scammed when the taxi driver does not turn the meter on, or asks for "fixed rates." I just arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, exhausted from my 13 hour flight from San Francisco. The flight arrived at 4am and it took a while to retrieve 3 enormous suitcases from baggage claim (daming pasalubong, alam mo yan!) I hopped into a taxi at 6am at the start of Manila's crazy traffic rush hour. When I know I'm being scammed, I normally get out of the taxi and deal with being left on the side of the road to find another one. This time I was too tired and had too many suitcases. Unfortunately this has happened one too many times to me and so many others I know. Just another day in the taxi diaries. To anyone visiting the Philippines, I would recommend never to use taxis. Stick with GrabCar or Uber.

Posted by Haley Dasovich on Thursday, March 15, 2018

Source: PhilStar 

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