5-year-old Girl’s Drawings Showed How She Was Sexually Abused By A Priest

A priest was accused of sexually abusing a five-year-old after the parents of the victim found the drawings of the little created that somehow depicted nothing but sexual attacks that she had experienced.

The 54-year-old priest who was identified as Father Jao da Silva was accused of attacking the little girl who happens to be his student in one of his classes.

The parents of the 5-year-old girl found the horrifying drawings after their daughter suddenly refused attending her English classes under da Silva.

She was so distraught so she decided to take her daughter to a child psychologist whom she suspected, had suffered from a sexual abuse as seen in her drawings. What happened to her daughter also prompted them to search her room for any signs.

Hidden among the pages of the little girl’s books were drawings done by their daughter that somehow revealed the details of a horrifying abuse.

One of the drawings they found, showed a man apparently aroused while looming over a child with a look of terror written on her face. Another one showed the little girl lying on the bed while the man was forcing himself between her legs.

After seeing the drawings, they confronted the priest and reported what had happened to the authorities.

Karine Maia from the Delegation for Stopping Crimes Against Women pressure group stated that they found six drawings in the child’s belongings and they were completely horrified by what they saw.

“We found six drawings among the child’s belongings.”

She added: “One of them that caught our attention shows the face of a naked man with an erect penis.”

The authorities then stated that the priest is already in their custody and is already being interviewed over the child abuse charges.

Source: Mirror

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