Farmer’s Son Who Graduated As The Valedictorian In PMA Was Granted With A House And Lot!

For some people, finishing their studies at the Philippine Military Academy or PMA is already enough, but then, there are some people who wished to excel because they are after the excellence rewards. But then, for the first time in the history, the top graduate of PMA will not just receive honorary rewards, but something even better that could really be a big help!

This year, President Rodrigo Duterte didn’t just grant the graduate the honorary awards, but also a free house and lot to the class valedictorian.

Cadet First Class Jaywardene Hontoria, a native of Pavia, Iloilo who happens to be a farmer’s son, was the valedictorian of his class in PMA that’s why he was granted with both the honorary awards and the house and lot as a reward for his greatness.

Hontoria graduated at the top of the 281-member Alab Tala class of PMA.

The house and lot were donated by Vista LAnd Homes and Lifescapes, Sen. Manny Villar’s company.

Apart from the house and lot, Hontoria also received numerous awards such as: the Philippine Navy Saber Award, Chief of Staff Saber, Academic Group Award, Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award, Spanish Armed Forces Award, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Department of Leadership Plaques and the Jusmag (Joint US Military Assistance Group) Award.

As stated by the Philippine Star, Hontoria was also the third baron or class brigade commander of PMA Cadet Corps in history to finish his studies as a valedictorian.

Apart from the awards he had received, he also promised himself that right after his graduation, he would tie the knot with his girlfriend and college sweetheart Loura Fe Dillera.

Source: KAMI

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