Passengers Were Shocked After Seeing That Isabelle Daza Is Their TNVS Driver

The popular TV personality and socialite Isabelle Daza gained praises from the netizens after she tried being a Grab driver.

In an episode of her ‘In Real Life’ Facebook series, the pregnant Isabelle Daza was seen borrowing the TNVS or the transport network vehicle service of a certain Kuya Domingo whom she also asked for a few tips on getting a five-star rating from passengers.




The only thing that Kuya Domingo told her was: “be courteous and start the trip with a warm greeting.”

The manual transmission of the vehicle was another challenge to Isabelle Daza who had to adjust to it. But then, the actual stress that she had experienced was when she got trip requests and she was pressured into getting her passengers on time.

Despite what happened, her first trip still went smoothly. As expected, the passengers were pretty shocked when they realized that Isabelle Daza is their driver.

“Oh my god! What is going on?” the passenger exclaimed, before taking selfies later on in the trip.

The next passenger showed the same expression to seeing Isabelle Daza. He said: “No way! My gosh!”

In the end, Isabelle stated that after her experience, she would definitely be a lot nicer to her drivers.

“I’m so happy that this turned out great, because my two passengers, they’re pleasant to be with,” Daza said at the end of the video. “Now, I’m definitely going to be nicer to drivers.”

Source: ABS-CBN | Instagram

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