Mikee Morada Gets Slammed For Raising His Middle Finger Towards His Girlfriend Alex

We all know for a fact that apart from her hectic schedule in showbiz, Alex Gonzaga also does vlogging with her boyfriend Mikee Morada. Although most of the time she’s the only one seen in the video, there are still a few videos of her where she was spotted with her boyfriend.

However, just recently, Mikee Morada and Alex Gonzaga were slammed after a video blog of Alex went extremely viral online.

The video that was posted on the YouTube channel of Alex Gonzaga showed their experience in the little Santorini in La Union. It was a memorable trip indeed since it was pretty obvious that Mikee Morada and Alex Gonzaga had so much fun.

Although it was an entertaining vlog, it still gained negative feedback from the netizens after Mikee showed a disrespectful attitude while Alex was filming.

Apparently, Alex Gonzaga was teasing him inside the van but then, it was pretty obvious that Mikee was already pissed. Alex continued to tease him until he ended up raising his middle finger towards his girlfriend.

A lot of people claimed that maybe it’s pretty normal for them, but still, they believe that what Mikee did was disrespectful.

Here are a few comments from the netizens:

One netizen posted a tweet addressing it to Alex saying, “Ilang ulit kong binalikan yung dirty finger scene. Alam mo Alex, alam kong mahal mo siya pero makakahanap ka pa ng lalaking rerespeto sa’yo.”

Meanwhile, Alex Gonzaga took to Twitter to defend her boyfriend from what he did. She wrote: “Wow, strong words. If it’s real and that’s how he really treats me I would’ve never showed it. He does that always para i-edit out ko but the JOKE is I didn’t. I covered it but with a bad emoji din. It’s the humor. If di nakakatawa skip ad nalang muna. #KapagMayKatwiranIpaglabanMo”

She explains that whenever Mikee raises his middle finger, it simply means that he wanted the said part to be edited.

Source: KAMI

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