The Heart-wrenching Photos From The Funeral Of the Kid Who Was Slain By a Policeman

The whole nation mourns the death of a 13-year-old boy named Aldrinne Pineda who was slain by a police officer. We may not be able to attend his funeral to show support, but the photojournalist named Ezra Acayan was able to give us the emotions he felt in the funeral after he shared the heart-wrenching photos online.

On his post he asked:

“Have you ever heard so many children cry in front of you?

It is absolutely heartwrenching.

The wailing of young innocent voices. Bit by bit, it chips away at your soul.

How could humanity allow these children to suffer such cruelty?”

Ezra Acayan also posted photographs of the children who were grieving over the loss of a neighbor, a friend.

These children were able to witness the unimaginable death of their playmate.

“Pa, binaril ako. Pa, pulis,” were the final words of Aldrinne Pineda before he passed away. He was rushed to the hospital after he was shot in the abdomen. According to TNP, the boy was with his friends near the Vitas Slaughterhouse on March 2 when a policeman came and chased what he thought were metal looters.

According to one of Aldrinne’s friends, they weren’t even a part of the looters yet the policeman still fired shots.

It turns out that the final words of Aldrinne were true as a policeman by the name P02 Omar Malinao surrendered himself to the authorities and took responsibility of the boy’s slaying. He clarified everything and stated that it was an accident.

The policeman also said that a group of children was mocking him so he chased them. He then tripped and accidentally fired his gun.

However, his statement didn’t match to the testimonies of the witnesses who claimed that the policeman shot their friend.

The Manila Police District then filed a murder case against the policeman. Up until now, the whole nation, especially the family and the closest friends of Aldrinne are still crying for justice.

Source: TNP | Facebook

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