Cheska Kramer Flaunts Her Bikini Bod In Her Boracay Trip With Team Kramer!

It appears that summer has come earlier than expected for the Team Kramer as they go to Boracay to spend an early summer vacation together! Cheska Kramer along with her husband Doug Kramer and their three children were spotted posing for photos in the beautiful white sand of Boracay.

Doug and Cheska Kramer had posted several photos of their vacation trip on their respective Instagram accounts, that truly made the people swoon because of how perfect their family is.

A quick stroll on Cheska Kramer’s Instagram account will lead you to a couple of her bikini photos with her children Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin. However, it was her bikini photos with her husband that stood out from the rest.

Apparently, Cheska Kramer posted a bikini photo of her wherein she was wearing a pair of nude bikini that showed off her mesmerizing figure. Her photos instantly captured the attention of the netizens who claimed that they can’t stop drooling over her mesmerizing beauty. There were also a few people who took notice of the fact that as time flies, Cheska Kramer doesn’t seem to age and even looks younger and younger instead.

Meanwhile, in a report made by PEP in 2017, it was stated that Boracay is a memorable place for the couple, claiming that they keep on coming back to this place for it was the place where they first met.

In a video Doug posted on his Instagram, Chesca mused, “We were friends for the longest time before we even got together.

“Super random! I never would have thought I’d meet my husband here in Boracay.”

Today, they’ve been together for 15 years and nothing seem to change between them.

Source: Instagram | PEP

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