Little Girl Brought Her Piggy Bank To The Police Station To Donate Her Savings To A Police Officer Who Suffers From Cancer

Parents have always asked their children about what they wanted to become in the future, and as expected, most of them said teacher, doctor, chef, and nurse. However, there’s this little girl who knew it right there and then that she wanted to be a police officer someday. In fact, she even chose to donate her piggy bank to a police officer who suffers from cancer.

It was one sunny day when she was out with her mom when she noticed a policeman standing under the heat of the sun, directing the traffic. She knew that the police was having a hard time so she decided to give him a bottle of water.

It was then when the 4-year-old girl named Sidney Fahgrenbruch dreamt of becoming a police officer someday.

Her story doesn’t end there for last year, she captured the attention of everyone after she called the police station, asking them to help her get rid of the monsters in her house.

Officer David Bonday immediately responded to check her house. Since then, Sidney became good friends with the police department.

However, there’s this one thing that Sidney did with her piggy bank that made her an inspiration. Apparently, she captured the people’s attention once again when she did something nice towards Officer Kyle Zulauf. She heard that Officer Kyle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so she chose to do something for him.

She collected her savings in her piggy bank and brought it to the police station to donate it for the treatments of Officer Kyle.

“I brought it to help people with cancer,” she said. “I like (police officers). They help people, and they take bad people to jail.”

Longmont Fire, Police and OEM then took notice of what the little girl did and wrote:

“Today, Sidney was back at the department with a different purpose. She brought the contents of her piggy bank for Officer Bonday to provide to our fundraiser for one of our officers who has been diagnosed with cancer. Words are not available for what this means to us.”

On that same social media post, they posted the details of Officer Kyle’s fundraising page.

Of course, Officer Kyle was touched by the little girl’s kind deeds, especially when he found out that she had been saving for a toy, yet she donated her piggy bank.

“I understand cancer is a bad thing and being nice is a good thing and I want to do my part to help out”

Source: Goodtimes | Facebook

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