These Are The Top 10 Most Gorgeous Transgender In Thailand Whose Beauties Will Leave You In Awe

It’s no secret that there are ladies out there who are already naturally beautiful, while there are some people who still have to do a few changes for them to achieve the look that they’ve been dreaming of. In Thailand, there are various transgenders who never fail to stun everyone with their elegance.

After going under the knife, it appears that these transgenders have already achieved the beauty that they’ve been wishing to have.

Now, we have here the list of transgenders in Thailand whose beauties will leave you in awe:

10th – Chalisa Rose
She’s a transgender who rose to fame for her minor role in a Chinese comedy show.

9th – Patta Nadia
Patta is a model who was previously crowned as the Miss Mimosa Queen Thailand in 2015. After that, this transgender became a freelance model and a dancer.

8th – Pemika Pynk
She rose to fame for being a spokesmodel for a cosmetic surgery hospital in Korea.

7th – Monthana Jeen
She rose to fame overnight after she showed up at the mandatory military draft for Thai men.

6th – Woranun Frame
Just like Monthana, she also attended the military draft.

5th – Rinrada Yoshi
She’s an actress who took the internet by a storm because of her doll face. She then started appearing in shows and movies.

4th – Nathachat Hana
She’s a stunning transgender with a spectacular modeling profile and career.

3rd – Chananchida Blossom
She’s Nathachat Hana’s fellow contestant on the modeling show called The Face Thailand Season 3. She’s also the first runner-up in Thailand’s most prestigious pageant for transgender women.

2nd – JIratchaya Mo
This stunning lady right here won Tiffany’s Universe and Miss International Queen – the international beauty pageant for transgender women!

1st – Treechada Poyd
She’s a Thai transgender who’s not just a popular actress but also serves as a role model to Thai transgenders.

Source: TheCoverage | Koreaboo

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